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The business litigation legal team at our Kansas City and Independence-area firm has helped many clients with their breach of contract law claims. A contract lawyer from Bottaro, Kubin & Yocum, P.C. can help you and your business analyze the circumstances surrounding your contract law claim and obtain compensation for any material losses you have sustained.

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Business Litigation for Breach of Contract

When two or more parties enter into a contractual agreement, they are obligated to act in accordance with the intent of the contract. A breach of contract occurs when one of the parties involved fails to carry out his or her obligations as agreed to in the contract. Although each case varies depending on the specifics of the contract, a breach of contract generally takes place when:

  • A party fails to perform its duties within the time period specified in the contract
  • A party does not perform its duties to the level of performance promised
  • One party makes it impossible for the other to perform its duties
  • A party does not perform its duties at all

Under contract law, a breach of contract can be categorized as material or immaterial, depending on the type of damages the at-fault party has caused. A material, or total, breach of contract occurs when the duty not performed is so essential that the main purpose of the contract cannot be fulfilled. An immaterial, or partial, breach of contract occurs when the majority of the duties specified in the contract have still been performed. Although it is possible to seek compensation for damages after a partial breach, you cannot completely terminate the contract unless a total breach of contract occurred.

Similar to consumer and securities fraud, breach of contract is a serious business dispute that can adversely affect the success of a company. Our Kansas City and Independence contract lawyers have helped businesses and individuals recover damages from those who were negligent in fulfilling their contractual obligations. Although contract law can be quite complex, our experienced attorneys will make the legal process for business litigation as simple and straightforward as possible so that you can continue to focus on your business concerns.

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Working with a lawyer experienced in business litigation who can accurately evaluate your contract law or breach-of-contract claim is imperative because not all breaches actually invalidate the contract. If you have questions about contract law in the Kansas City or Independence areas, a lawyer experienced in business litigation from our firm can address your concerns. We have successfully resolved many cases involving business litigation and breach of contract law. Contact Bottaro, Kubin & Yocum, P.C. today for a free review of your claim.