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Our Kansas City area firm, serving Independence and the surrounding areas, handles many types of business litigation cases, including disputes, fraud, breach of contract, tortious interference with a contract, wage and hour law, claims for misrepresentation, accounting malpractice, and more. Our firm has successfully handled these business litigation cases both in trial and through settlement.

Mediation, another one of our business litigation tools, can help solve problems between two parties without necessitating the need for a full trial. The litigation lawyer team at Bottaro, Kubin & Yocum, P.C. is thoroughly experienced in these legal areas and offers superior representation to each of our clients. All shareholders have been trained to serve as a mediator and each has participated in many mediations as a litigation lawyer for one of the parties.

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  • Breach of Contract
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Wage & Hour Laws

Tortious interference, also known as intentional interference, occurs when an individual or company wrongfully interferes with a contract between others and causes one party to breach the contract. In cases such as these, the party that interfered with the contract can be held liable for the damages that occurred as a result of the interference. For example, a contract lawyer from our firm recently obtained a jury award of substantial actual and punitive damages on behalf of a man who suffered financial losses because an individual persuaded our client’s business partner to terminate his partnership with our client without compensation. Our lawyers can help obtain financial compensation if you have been affected by a violation of contract law.

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